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Internet Brokers Group provides full service real estate franchise advertising, daily website management, search engine marketing and real estate lead generation services for an EXCLUSIVE network of licensed franchises, teams, agents, brokers and industry experts sharing the benefits of co-operative multi-channel real estate advertising , qualified leads and warm referrals in the province of Alberta.

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You have lots to do as a marketer, consultant, therapist, attorney, banker and the list goes on. There are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done. If you need an affordable team of local marketing experts you're in the right place!

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Internet Brokers Group

Internet Brokers Group began with the idea of real estate industry websites in Alberta sharing the benefits of combined resources and collective marketing power and reach. Each website generating qualified traffic and leads to those resources capitalizing on the principles of individuality and co-operative advertising.

Internet Brokers Group understands the need to convert website traffic into qualified real estate leads and more business. We have evolved into a performance driven, fully integrated multi-channel media advertising, search engine marketing and lead generation company offering an Exclusive network of local experts customized services designed to help build their brand and business online.

IF you are searching for the best way to market your local business online, get yourself in front of more buyers, improve your current website visibility in the search engines, get a leg up on your competition and stand out as the local market expert this daily website management service is exactly what you need.

franchise advertising

Franchise advertising network of local agents, franchises, teams and industry leaders in Alberta. We provide search engine marketing, website maintenance and pre-qualified leads to our EXCLUSIVE members every month as part of our customized marketing and lead generation system.

One website? two? more? Even Better! Member websites, business profiles, listings, Open house videos, business videos and more are marketed daily and with over 20 Years of multi-channel real estate advertising experience along with a professional services team. Imagine having Your Own Online Marketing Team and coach who understands your local business and goals, just a phone call away.

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Calgary real estate agents, teams, franchises , builders and industry professionals, This is multi-channel media marketing and lead generation in your local market. Plain and simple. Now it is a decision on your part to take your current website marketing to the next level with a team that knows Alberta.

Real estate video advertising

Real estate videos

Real estate videos, franchise videos and advertising for agents, teams, builders and industry professionals. New real estate video advertising across an Exclusive multi-channel advertising network. Breaking News videos, local market videos and video open houses provided by local agents .

IF you have existing websites including agents websites, teams and industry professionals and need better performance online in Alberta you have found your marketing solution.

As part of our Exclusive marketing program we integrate your existing marketing initiatives including your websites, listings, videos, profiles and social marketing with our network of local websites and media channels to further increase your local market exposure.

Real estate leads

Real estate leads for local real estate franchises, teams and industry leaders in Alberta. At Internet Brokers Group we generate thousands of real estate leads in Alberta every month.

When we began in 1994 it was not a thought in most peoples mind that today search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, local websites, business directories, Social Networks, LCD Networks, video blog networks and more would become the primary tools used when searching for LOCAL real estate.

Real estate advertising

Real estate advertising is more important than ever as everyone wants to be at the top position of Google, Yahoo, MSN and others for their most important LOCAL community real estate phrases to gain exposure and more qualified leads to their website.

You also need to be marketing on social network websites and blogs in order to market yourself in real-time, just like a good game of Black Jack, it takes both knowledge and skill of the game to win.

Once we've researched your existing website and internet marketing program as well as research keywords and relevant media for your business we make recommendations of strategies that best fit your business and industry for your local market area.

From search engine optimization and video marketing to blog websites, content writing to online behavioral advertising, we offer a variety of packages to increase the quality of traffic to your business website. Ready to get started now with a proven and tested real estate video marketing program? Real estate marketing