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Josh Duhamel celebrates Memorial Day by helping veterans

May 27, 2016

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Before starting work on the next “Transformers” film, Josh Duhamel is lending his star power to help disabled veterans. Duhamel is supporting a campaign that provides smart homes for injured American veterans, and he’s encouraging others to do the same. The 43-year-old actor appears in a video that shows how the […]

Rona Ambrose contrasts Laureen Harper with Sophie Gregoire Trudeau

OTTAWA – Interim Conservative leader Rona Ambrose is praising the quiet style of her friend Laureen Harper, saying she preferred to work for the cause instead of the cameras. In a speech to the Tory convention in Vancouver, Ambrose never mentions Sophie Gregoire Trudeau by name, but her tribute to the spouse of former prime […]

Canadian hurricane forecasters predict more normal storm season in Atlantic

HALIFAX – The Canadian Hurricane Centre says the 2016 hurricane season will see more normal storm activity as the effects of El Nino begin to dwindle. Meteorologist Bob Robichaud says 10 to 16 storms are predicted for the Atlantic Basin this year with four to eight expected to become hurricanes and two expected to become […]

Dummy destruction and life lessons at Farm Safety Day

There’s nothing quite like the dramatic destruction of a stuffed dummy to drive home a point about safety. The popular station demonstrating the dangers of a common piece of farm equipment, a power take-off shaft, was a real eye-opener for … Continue reading

Environment Canada says funnel clouds could develop east of Calgary

Areas east of Calgary may be in for a little weather action Friday afternoon. Environment Canada says areas near Vulcan, Gleichen, Strathmore and Chestermere could see funnel clouds. Conditions are favourable for them to form and can even develop into a weak landspout tornado. At this point, they are not expected to produce anything more, […]

AP Exclusive: Bridge collapse survivor linked to IS in Syria

MINNEAPOLIS – Mohamed Roble was weeks shy of his 11th birthday when the school bus he was on plummeted more than 30 feet as the bridge beneath gave way. Now, according to court testimony in a federal terrorism trial, Roble — one of the 145 people injured in the Minneapolis bridge collapse that killed 13 […]